Why Do You Need Website Maintenance?

It amazes me that so many website owners do not have a plan for maintenance or even consider it once a website is launched. Compare your website to a car. You need regular oil changes, tune-ups and washings. Failure to keep up with routine maintenance could lead to more costly fixes or inconvenient breakdowns.   Same thing with a website.   So why do you need maintenance?

  1. To ensure you have a recent backup in case something breaks or is lost.content_webmaintenance_services-300x231
  2. To keep your site secure when software updates are released.
  3. To keep site visitors happy with accurate information.

There are 3 important tasks to complete at least monthly:

Backups – You should always keep a recent backup of your website. Every time you make any updates, create a new one.

Feature Updates – If your website has any functionality such as an image rotator or is built on a Content Management System, there will be plugins or scripts to maintain.   If these are not updated on a regular basis when new versions are released, it could cause conflicts on your site and these features could stop working.   Outdated software can also leave your site vulnerable to hackers.

Review and Update Content – Periodically check for broken links, review page copy to ensure it is accurate and not outdated. Update images and content as necessary.

Take a moment to review your web maintenance plan today and if you don’t know where to start, contact us for help.   We have several web maintenance packages to choose from.