Yes, People Do Click on Facebook Ads

Facebook Advertising Works

I hear this all the time:
“I am so tired of seeing all these advertisements on Facebook. I will never click them and if they keep up, I’m leaving Facebook.”

Sure you will.

Facebook has already made it known that organic reach is dead for business pages on Facebook…or at least on life-support. Unless your business is media (Radio, TV, TV Newspapers, News Aggregation Websites), Facebook is making it very hard for pages to reach their customers.

Facebook Advertising Mid-West Digital Marketing


Because Facebook went public and it needs to make money for stockholders.
It’s that simple.

Now, does this mean business owners should abandon their pages they have spent a lot of time building and attempting to engage fans? NO! It means, we try a little harder with our content and start to budget wisely for ads.

People do click on the ads on Facebook.

While there is a drop-off in the numbers of people clicking on the right rail it’s not a lot. Facebook offers a variety of ways for businesses to reach potential customers/clients and uses a lot of information it has gathered from its BILLION+ users to allow marketers the chance to specifically target. Remember when you typed all that information in the “About You” section and started filling out favorite movies, books, religion, political party, etc? Well, you just gave us a good amount of information to offer advertisements to you that are catered to you.

Do you talk about cars in your status updates, or your favorite bands or even clothes? That information gets stored, anonymously, but allows marketers to find you and attempt to get you to interact with a Facebook Business Page, special offer, sale, etc. It’s is a very powerful tool and Facebook refines it constantly. Do you wonder why those ads on the right side of Facebook or on your news feed seem to know what you are thinking? That’s why.

Facebook advertising Mid_west Digital Marketing

And, it is different than Google because Google doesn’t have all this information about you…you haven’t shared it with them. While Google can track websites you have been to and that helps with remarketing tactics, Google doesn’t have as much personal information as Facebook.

There are a lot of people that don’t like the idea that all this information about them is “out there”. The only way, though, to not have this issue is to stay offline, don’t be social, don’t be part of the basic fabric of our lives.

I don’t see that happening any time soon. That is why our content team is also offering Facebook and Twitter Advertising with our social media packages. It is time consuming. It is confusing. Let us help you grow your business!