Paid Search & Your Content Marketing Strategy

This may seem odd to be talking about a Content Marketing Strategy in relationship to your Paid Search program, but the two are intrinsically connected.Content Marketing Strategy

First, let’s define content marketing strategy.

A content marketer’s intent is to develop the larger story your organization wants to tell. They focus on ways to engage an audience and through engagement drive profitable behaviors. Examples of profitable behaviors include buying a product, completing a form, or downloading a white paper.

Second, what is the intent of paid search?

The intent is to drive potential targeted customers to your website for the purpose of engaging them with your website to complete an action that results in the generation of sales for your company.

Content Marketing Strategy is all about telling your story and directing it to your targeted audience. That story needs to be told in social media on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and wherever else you are able to connect to your targeted audience, but it also needs to be told on your website. Your website needs to an aggregation of all those stories being told on social media. It needs to be organized in such a way to guide the visitor through your story to engage them in those profitable behaviors. Each page of your website should be focused on a topic that engages the visitor and drives them closer to your desired outcome.

A well-planned and organized website allows paid search marketers to create effective campaigns with keywords being searched by your target audience, write ad copy to engage your target audience to click through to your website and select landing pages from your website that closely match what your target audience is looking for. This increases click thru rates, time on site, pages viewed and converted clicks, which in turn improves Quality Score for your Google AdWords campaigns.

To build an effective content marketing strategy and paid search campaign you need:

  • Who is your target audience? Is there more than one target audience that will help your business grow?
  • Research your target audience(s). What else interests them?
  • What is your business’ UNIQUE VALUE PROPOSITION? What are you doing to meet the needs of your target audience? What are you doing to solve their issue?

Paid Search and a Content Marketing Strategy will help your business grow.