Monthly Archives: July 2014

PART 1: Spice up your online storefront!

Is your website just not “doing it” for you anymore? Does it make you say “Meh!”? Well in my next 3 blogs, I will be covering how to revamp your website to make it an awesome online store front for your business.  In this blog I will cover the first 3 crucial steps to starting… Read more »

Home Sweet Home-Don’t Forget Home Page Content

As an SEO professional working alongside talented Website Developers, I sometimes have a difference of opinion on how we put together new client websites. Our Development team works hard for our clients to come up with aesthetically pleasing websites. Our clients are looking for graphically striking sites that have user friendly navigation, areas for image… Read more »


Cooking Up Great Content

This week, my family is hosting a couple of young soccer coaches from the U.K. Grown but still growing, they eat full plates of food, come back for seconds, and can’t get enough orange juice. Half the fun has been figuring out how to feed them. Creating good content is like cooking for new guests…. Read more »


Yes, People Do Click on Facebook Ads

Facebook Advertising Works I hear this all the time: “I am so tired of seeing all these advertisements on Facebook. I will never click them and if they keep up, I’m leaving Facebook.” Sure you will. Facebook has already made it known that organic reach is dead for business pages on Facebook…or at least on… Read more »