Google+, The “Minkus” of Social Media

When I think of Google+ I automatically think of Minkus from Boy Meets World. If you are not familiar with the classic show (you should binge-watch it

Boy Meets World

Boy Meets World

right now), Minkus was the stereotypical child genius of the classroom. His stature was small compared to the more popular kids (Corey and Shawn) but he was always the go-to kid when people needed answers on their tests or homework. This is basically how you can breakdown the relationship between Facebook, Google+, and Twitter. In this case, Corey would be Facebook as he has the most interactions throughout the show and can be seen in a multitude of situations. Shawn, a great supporting role is most like Twitter in the sense that he usually appears a few times each episode and has his own identity, but his interactions are typically intertwined with Corey’s so he doesn’t leave as large of a personal imprint on the show. Finally, we come back to Minkus, the genius, the one who has all of the answers, the one who has, to be nice, minimal friends. Now you can see how he fits with Google+

How Does This Relate To A Business?

While Facebook and Twitter have a significantly larger user base than Google+, they are filled will far more content, making it hard for users (your potential clients) to receive your content and not become distracted by the pink cow that went missing on Carl’s Farmville app. Google+, while often ignored by businesses and general users, has a powerful impact for businesses looking to improve their search results and thus reach when consumers are in need of their product. When someone asks you a question that you do not know the answer to you probably tell them to “Google it”. Now you have implied that Google is a trusted source for credible information and that is exactly what Minkus was to Corey and Shawn, the Google of their classroom. Google+ is not bogged down by fillers such as apps and targeted advertising like Facebook is so its users see only what is important to them as they have selected.

Don’t Ignore Minkus

To conclude, Corey and Shawn (Facebook and Twitter) are fun and constantly being filled with information about every topic imaginable, but when it comes to need to know answers, they are hard-pressed to give you exactly what you need. Google+, Minkus if you will, is only concerned about the answers you need from a very business based attitude. While in no way does this mean that your clients won’t find you on Facebook or Twitter, because they certainly will as it is far more used, they will place more trust in what they find through your Google+ page. While people have the power to navigate to you within each of these social media platforms, they are doing so with different levels of intent based upon which one they are using. With that being said, it is wise to place as much emphasis on your Google+ page as you do your Facebook and Twitter pages. Don’t ignore Minkus; he might one day be the boss that Corey and Shawn report to.