Why Ads Follow You on Facebook

I see these posts from friends on my Facebook timeline about once a week – “Why are these ads following me around?”

It’s called remarketing and it’s a clever and useful tool for online marketers to keep their name top of mind. But, a lot of people find it creepy and intrusive which is why marketers try hard to make sure how and what they are remarketing to you doesn’t leave a bad taste in your mouth and make you dislike the brand.


I obviously visit Culver’s website a lot!

Here is how remarketing works:

You search on Google for a product, let’s say you are searching for a new home and need to find a good mortgage rate with a financial institution you like. The search turns up hundreds of options and you click on one of the banks or credit unions and read their information. Then you go and do something else and forget about it for a while. Suddenly, a day or two later, the ads on your Facebook feed are for home loans. Or, you happen to go to a website and see a banner ad from that same institution that seems to have a specific message aimed at you.

You are being remarketed to.

You left a “digital footprint” on that webpage that let’s marketers remind you of what site you went to when you were searching for that mortgage. It’s that simple.

But, the companies do not often know exactly what search term you used to get to their page…they only know the page you got to and ASSUME you were searching for the keyword relevant to that page.

That’s about to change as some companies have teamed up with Facebook to get specific search data which means they can specifically target you on the word and not just the page. This will help with the “creepiness” factor especially if your search began with something completely different than mortgage but you ended up on that particular page.

Remarketing is something we do here at Midwest Digital Marketing and it’s a very successful component of any digital marketing strategy!