Making Connections…That’s Social Media!

Just how powerful can social media be? We will find out over the next three days as my co-worker, Olivia, and I run the social media accounts for 7 radio stations during the American Family Children’s Hospital Radiothon

American Family Children's Hospital Radiothon with Q106

Kellan and his family with Today’s Q106 Ashley and Jackson

American Family Children's Hospital Radiothon

Karen and Lydia all smiles early in the AM with Fish and Joey!


The combination of radio broadcasting and social media has already proven valuable to all the stations under the Midwest Family Marketing banner. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. have allowed the on-air personalities to truly connect with the audience and have true conversations and share ideas…and have lots of fun while off the air.

It’s about connections.

These connections are what makes the next 3 days so important for me personally. The AFCH Hospital has been a second home for my family for 8 years now. 8 years ago, on May 11th, my wife and I brought our 7-month-old son, Gio, to the hospital to undergo an EEG. The day before, his pediatrician watched a video we had taken where we thought Gio was having night terrors. She quickly made an appointment for us at the Children’s Hospital because she believed they were seizures.

They were.

Over the next 7 years, Gio underwent tests, clinic visits and 2 unbelievably hard brain surgeries to curb the seizures. At one point, he was having more than 80 seizures a day. But, each visit to the hospital and clinic was highlighted with friendly staff, a facility built for children and a feeling that everyone there was working hard to help Gio and us.

Where do your donations go?

When you spend more than 10 days in a hospital after your son has had brain surgery, you tend to get a bit stir crazy. Child Life at American Family Children’s Hospital helps with that. They came to play with Gio, bring toys, sit with him so we could get out of the room for a bit…get outside or get some food. That food for family dinners comes from your donations! Donations go to offer financial support grants to families. It goes to transportation in the form of gas cards to help families get to the hospital for treatments.

All of this for just $15 a month – you can be #Champions4Kids…for my son and my family!

For the next three days, listen to Madtown’s #1 For Hip Hop 93.1 Jamz and Today’s Country Q 106.3. You will hear heartbreaking stories, inspirational stories, stories of love. You can follow along on their social media pages as well – click the links on their websites – make a connection!

And donate.

Give to your neighbors, friends and family members who call American Family Children’s Hospital their home!