A Social Media Content Creator wrote a captivatingly vague headline on Facebook. Then this happened.

Then this happened
Chances are you’ve seen an article on Facebook with this type of headline (I call it the Mirage Headline, as it appears promising at first until further exploration). It is meant to elicit feelings of curiosity and exploit on basic human urge of knowing the end result. Facebook pages have been posting content with this headline style for quite some time now, each trying to portray that something magical is contained within their content link. I have discussed this Facebook trend with more than a few people, each of them ending up at the same feeling towards it, that it was wildly successful at first but has run its course and become more of an annoyance than curiosity evoking headline.

Of course getting the attention of your target market is one of the biggest challenges marketers face on Facebook as the ever-changing formula continues to limit organic exposure. So the question becomes, do content writers implore this writing tactic even if it leads to content that is not nearly as exciting as the headline portrays? Doing so could result in disappointed followers. These followers could then choose to select one of three Facebook options on your post: (1) “I don’t want to see this”, (2) “Unfollow (your page)”, (3) “Hide all from (your page)”. Congratulations, you have just lost one more potential conversion, not to mention the possible “likes” and or “shares” they might have contributed that could have attracted new followers.

Writing creative and engaging content is fun (for me at least) and it should not feel forced for your topic. I’ll be the first to admit, some topics are next to impossible to present in a way to your audience that makes them seem fun or even remotely interesting, but that doesn’t mean you should bait your audience into something that appears to be fun. For example, if I were to write “Person sits down on automated toilet. Then this happened.” you’d be pretty curious as to why this event has been made-out to be so dramatic and probably click on it. After clicking on the link it would just show how they didn’t have to touch a thing making it a more sanitary bathroom fixture in your home, pretty boring right? Now you are probably upset that two minutes of your time have been wasted, and you’re likely to hide (at best) anything that my page posts again.

In the end being original and less dramatic can actually capture your audience’s attention quite well. Use facts, create a statistics map if at all possible, or simply be blunt about your product or service as it saves your potential customers precocious time and in turn, can leave them in a better mood about your offerings.