About That Monthly Social Media Report

I’ll be honest. I do not believe in social media analytics. Unless you are buying Facebook ads or boosting posts or creating sponsored stories, I do not believe you gain a lot of knowledge from monthly analytics of your Facebook, Twitter or Google+ business pages. Even more so for Pinterest.

But, they should be provided to clients because they do offer proof of performance/service and they are a form of ROI.

Social Media Analytics

Wow…this tells you…a lot?

If you’re scratching your head, here’s my simple answer. Social media is about branding, not selling.

You started a business page on these social formats for what reason? If it was to make money, I say good luck! If it was for branding and getting closer to your customers and potential customers, let’s talk more.

When I look back at analytics for our clients, and we use several tools, I am looking for patterns in engagement. I do like to see fan growth, but I don’t believe that to be a form of ROI. I look for posts that engaged and what time they were posted and try to mimic that post again if it did well. But, for the most part, when you look at a month of data from a Facebook or Twitter account, what does it really tell you?

Absolutely nothing.

It’s a guide, but doesn’t provide an answer.

We DO HAVE several clients that have made large sales from posts we did on Facebook. Now, that’s pure ROI. Can that post be mimicked in any way to get more clients? The number of factors involved to make that happen says to me, “No!” When the posts were made on Facebook, the people who did make the purchases:

a) Knew the client through branding

b) Trusted them through branding

c) Realized they needed a product

d) Saw the post and realized this company was who they should do business with

So…there’s your social media metric! If a post turned into a qualified lead that then became a paying customer, the money you are spending on Social Media worked!

The end.

No fancy graphics in a PowerPoint presentation needed!

We can make social media work for your business. We will market and brand you. You will see increased sales. And you will get reports on how we did for you.

But, increased sales are a result of an entire marketing strategy that includes traditional media, website optimization, reputation management and social media. That is why we are a full-service marketing agency.