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Banner Ads

Banner ads have had a bad rap that goes way back to the days of shooting ducks, whacking gophers, and gyrating dancers with blaring music. Thankfully, for the most part, those days are behind us.

What makes a banner ad good? Here are several steps to consider:

1.      Keep it simple
A clear message and a simple image go a long way to engaging your prospective audience.

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2.      Include a clear call to action
Let your audience know what you want them to do.

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3.      Be mindful of the website and the landing page

banner ads

Does the “look & feel” of the banner reflect the “look & feel” of the website?
Does the landing page relate to the call to action of the banner?

What makes a banner ad effective?

1.      Have a goal and a strategy.
Be clear what you are trying to accomplish. Are you looking for impressions/brand awareness? Traffic to a specific page on your website? Or, are you looking for a specific conversion event – a sale, a form completion or some other action? The answer to this question will then determine how you implement your banner campaign.
You also need to understand who is your audience? Where else do they spend time on the web? This will determine where your ads will be placed.

2.      Understand the “life span” of your ads.
Banner ads have a life span between 28 and 35 days.  Some may be able to live longer and some may only last a week.

3.      Have a back-up plan.
Not every banner campaign is going to hit it out of the park. Have a back-up plan in case your campaign does not produce and you should know that relatively soon.

Be creative while being mindful of your audience and you could be successful.