7 Key Elements to Successfully Deliver on Website Projects

Building a new website takes dedication from both the client and developer.  I’ve seen my share of the good and bad when it comes to website projects and know you can’t always avoid conflict, but it can be minimized with some simple steps.

website-developmentHow can clients help?

  1. Understand priorities and things you absolutely need and items that can be put on a “wish list” for your website.
  2. Communicate all needs in detail prior to signing a contract even if some are on the wish list.  This ensures the service provider documents everything and knows what to include or not include in the contract.  This will remove the gray areas during development.
  3. Realize that content is important.  It’s one of the biggest delays so hire someone to help or plan to have this ready prior to starting the design.
  4. Pay attention to your deadlines and stay in constant communication with your service provider during the process.

What should the developer do?

  1. Write a clear contract that states what is to be accomplished with the project and what is not based on client input and project collaboration.
  2. Define a clear project schedule with stakeholders and responsibility including timelines and milestones.
  3. Communicate constantly by updating the project schedule as items are completed for clients to review.   Let the client know when things are delayed or if they need to help make a decision to move to the next milestone.

Building a new website takes dedication from both sides of the fence.  Clients have to be involved every step of the way and understand what is being delivered.  Web projects can take on a life of their own but issues can certainly be minimized with a good process and proper planning.