Google Display Network Basics

The Google Display Network is part of the Google suite of tools that digital marketers use to effectively and efficiently manage online marketing efforts along with Google AdWords, Google Analytics, and Google Webmaster Tools.

Google Display Network



The Display Network offers several choices to for online campaigns:

  1. Banner Ads
  2. Remarketing Ads – Banners
  3. Remarketing Ads – Text
  4. Contextual Ads

Banner Ads – are displayed on websites with the intent of driving traffic to your website. They should be simple, with a clear call to action, and direct visitors to a page on the website specific to the call to action.

Remarketing Banner Ads – are displayed to people who have previously visited your website and have completed a specific action. Those actions could include visiting a certain page, spending a certain amount of time on the website or completing a call to action, or more likely NOT completing a specific call to action. They should be clear in their message and intent to drive traffic back to the website and convert.

Remarketing Text Ads – are similar to Remarketing Banner Ads in intent but are text ads that appear in Google Search and, again, are targeted at people who have already visited your website.

Contextual Ads – are text ads that are displayed on non-search engine websites. The intent of contextual ads is to pique interest in your products and/or services, among people who do not know about your company, and direct these people into the sales funnel.

In future posts, I will be taking a deeper dive into each of these elements of the Google Display Network. In the meantime, if you have questions about the Google Display Network and what it can do to help grow your business, increase ROI from your website,  and spread the word about your business, contact us for the answers.