Not All Social Networking Sites Are Created Equal

While researching prospective clients, I do a thorough analysis on their social media marketing efforts. Through all this stalking, I learn a great deal about the different strategies that companies use. I get a feel for what works and what doesn’t for different industries on each platform, and I cringe when I see businesses posting the same content across all platforms. When it comes to social media marketing, your message should stay consistent to your brand, but it should be tailored to fit the audience that comes with the platform. If you’re a B2B company, LinkedIn and Google+ are great ways to connect with other industry professionals in the business community. If you’re a restaurant or bar, you’ll want to focus on Facebook and Twitter to let your patrons know about your specials and events. It’s important to go where your target audience is so you’re reaching your core customers.

Let’s say that I own a bakery and I want to engage my online audience more. Here’s how I’d approach the following social media platforms:


Facebook is where most businesses start… it is the king of social networking, after all. Facebook is a great way to engage your communities, and you can easily reach your target audience with promoted posts. Everybody loves a good meme; just make sure you’re posting relevant information so your audience doesn’t get bored!

Facebook Status


Twitter is targeted towards news updates and specials. Tweeting and retweeting is a good way to get information (like your blog or new YouTube video) out to the twittersphere, just remember to also interact with your followers. Often I see businesses tweeting regularly about themselves, but forgetting to reply to other tweets. Remember, it’s not anti-social media!



Connect with others in your industry through Google+ communities. Google is the search engine giant, so playing their game will really help your SEO efforts. Your profile and posts will show up in organic searches for your business, so you’re getting even more exposure and driving traffic to your website.

Google+ Post


Pinterest is a visual platform, so use it to showcase photos of your business. Pin photos of your products, menu items, the atmosphere, etc. Bonus – clicking on your pictures will direct pinners to your website. Just make sure you have something for them to do once they get there.



Use LinkedIn to connect with the business community, network with industry professionals, and recruit employees. Post your services on your profile page, participate in groups & create new ones, and start conversations. Don’t underestimate the networking power of LinkedIn!

LinkedIn Job Posting


I’m a firm believer that most businesses should have a blog. Adding new content to your website on a regular basis is a great SEO tactic. Become a leader in your field by posting about new developments in your industry, resources provided by your company, and community involvement. Blogs establish expertise, so your clients and other businesses will turn to you for advice, and when they need them, your services.

Blog Posts

Are you still unsure as to how to create and execute a plan for your social media marketing? At Mid-West Digital Marketing, we develop a strategy specific to each social media platform. We recommend which ones are best for your business and how you can utilize each to drive more traffic to your website. We create the content for you and distribute it among your platforms. We track analytics and adjust our strategy as we see fit. We strive to get your pages the most engagement to provide the best return for your investment. Don’t believe me? Let’s talk.