Link Building: Dead or Alive?

Link BuildingAs a novice to the world of SEO, I continuously see contradicting articles regarding the importance of link building. Hundreds of blogs and articles stating link building has died, while others attest it is alive and vibrant.

Well, I am going to tell you what I feel is tangible and worth the tedious amounts of time it takes gathering and obtaining back links. Start local. Utilize the charities or organizations that you or your company donates time or services to. If you work closely with a local distributor or manufacturer, state that on your website and place their link and logo on your website. Let them know you are doing so, and ask them to place your link and logo on their site as well. If you can, make monetary donations to an organization, some will even place your link and logo on their website just for donating. Network and join BNI groups. Someone will have a use for what you do and proudly display your link on their site. It never hurts to ask, but make sure to state the reason why you want the back link.
Next, make sure you are listed on all major websites that have reviews. Reviews will be very important to SEO in 2014.  Having trouble deciding what Directories you should place your business on? Check out White Spark’s Top 10 Citations by Niche and by City. Very helpful.

If your company is not listed, create a listing, claim it and then fully complete the listing. Let your client’s know what directories you are on and ask them to give you reviews.

Then, go after the big dogs once you have “gathered” as many worthy and niche related local links and listings you can find. Does your company sell brand name appliances or jewelry? Most websites have a “dealer’s page” or “find a provider” page on their websites. Some of those even have a submission form on their websites specifically for the dealers who sell their products. If they don’t, call them and tell them who you are and that you want to be on their site, URL included.

Spend the majority of your link building time local. They are the ones who know you and your business well and can vouch for you, literally (reviews). Do these things and you won’t have to look out for penalties or black hat trickery. They are real and tangible. Just like my hair.