What Comes First; The Push or the Pull (easier to answer than the chicken or egg)?

I have worked with hundreds of clients on their branding and marketing efforts with mass media (majority of it was radio) for the first 20 years of my career.  I reinvented myself in 2010 and started Mid-West Digital Marketing (with a lot of help and vision from some dear friends and mentors) because it filled a need.  All of our clients who worked with me on the mass media side of things were screaming for answers to digital marketing questions.  WHAT TO DO?  WHERE DO I GO?  WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN?  We were able to answer their questions and satisfy their needs with digital marketing solutions.

Some of my friends on the mass media side of things tease me that I have “abandoned my roots.”  I beg to differ.  Mass media needs digital marketing and digital marketing needs mass media more than ever.  Mass media does the heavy lifting for brand development.  This is where we take consumers from unaware to aware.  Digital Marketing engages the brand.  This is where “brand evangelists” are born.



Mass media provides the push.

Digital marketing provides the pull.

You always need to start with the push of brand development and then add the pull of brand engagement. NO QUESTION. NO DEBATE.

In a recent blog I referenced ZMOT.  It’s the Zero Moment of Truth.  It’s the buying process today’s consumer goes through.  Google spells it out very clearly.  The brand stimulus comes from mass media.  It’s not until after that stimulus that the consumer goes on-line on a fact finding mission.

It’s no contest.  It’s no chicken or egg.  Start with the push.  Finish with the pull.

It’s as easy as a PB & J my friends!