Data doesn’t lie…use it to increase business!

Ask yourself this: is your digital strategy working? This should be a quick answer, if not then my guess is it’s not. With enormous amounts of data out there you should very accurately be able to gauge the performance of your online strategies.

When thinking of all the different areas of measurement the list would be endless so I won’t go into all them, but here are a few that I find most common in measuring performance of your online strategies. After your company has identified a goal for your customers to complete online, then you want to track how customers are getting to that point on site… also known typically as a conversion goal/point (conversion point-making contact with the business online to where it is now in the hands of the business to complete the sale). One of the most commonly tracked pieces of data would be keyword traffic and how that traffic moves through your business’s website. Knowing where people that end converting on your  website are coming from can be the most telling data as to how people are searching and finding you. More importantly if it is the right traffic. Start ‘tracking the traffic’ and you will find trends that will continually help you evolve your strategies to be more focused and profitable!

Referral traffic is another form of traffic coming to your site, for some it can be the most important – especially those who are heavily involved in social media. Businesses that are linked up to relevant directory listings, using social media, and linked from relevant sites can see referral traffic percentages grow to 30 and 40 percent of total web traffic, if not more depending on what type of business you are. By knowing these percentages as well as which referral sources are performing better than others, you as a business owner will be able to put a value on these referral sources and then know where to improve or focus in on. Is your business using strategies to help traffic towards your site via other sites and are you tracking it to see which ones are performing best?

To sum it up, there are many ways to measure the performance of your website and digital strategies; you just have to understand what the data is telling you. Try first identifying a goal on site and work backwards as to how someone found you; the information is at your fingertips! Track the data and track your results, it will lead to better and better performance of your digital strategies.