Responsive or Mobile. Do You Know What’s Best for your Business?

tabletAccessing websites through mobile and tablet devices has increased by over 6% in 2013 and is expecting to grow even more in 2014.  Many have predicted that by the end of 2014, these devices will overtake PCs as the preferred browsing device.

Make it a New Year’s Resolution to learn more about web design for these devices and what is best for your business.

What’s the difference between mobile design and responsive design? 

Think of mobile design as a separate site that can display different info, images and is a more condensed version of your main website.  On the other hand, responsive design does not appear as a separate site, but allows your main site to “shrink” down to fit any device screen size.   Visit this website to see how it works, showing examples of the full desktop version, sizing down to a tablet, mini tablet and then cell phone.

How do you find out which devices your customers are using to access your website? 

Google Analytics is a free service you can install on your site that will show which devices/browsers are most commonly used.  It also shows the percentage of mobile traffic coming to your website.

What’s the best design option for my business? 

Responsive is the best choice for most businesses for several reasons.  Google has recommended responsive design over mobile because content stays in one place and is not duplicated making it easier to crawl and index.  This will benefit your SEO strategy.  Responsive design also provides better user-experience across all devices.   When a customer transitions from phone to desktop or even a tablet device, they will be viewing the same site, not a separate mobile version or desktop version.  A good idea for keeping brand consistency and ensuring your customers can always find what they need in the same place across all devices.

Ultimately, a website with responsive design is easier to manage due to content remaining in one place.  If your business needs help determining which option is right for you, get in touch and we can help.