You can’t handle the (zero moment of) truth! (Or can you?)

0f2a2f79bee700d6bd0620db90d1b78eIn the old days, you marketed your product via mass media, waited for the consumer to drive to your store (and a few others), so they could find the product on your shelf, talk to your sales associate (and a few of theirs), weigh the pros and cons and then finally make a buying decision.

You took them through the 1st moment of truth (point of sale) and through the 2nd (the actual purchase) and you were on your way to building your sales funnel.

Sounds easy, right? Not so fast. Things are a little different today…

There is one more truth that you may not be aware of; The zero moment of truth. It’s the moment right after awareness is created through mass media and right before the point of sale. This is where digital marketing comes in. Either through social media, search or a combination of both, your potential consumer has already done the virtual leg work they need and is much deeper into the sales funnel than ever before.

That’s where we come in.

Are you winning the zero moment of truth over your competitors? Find out by filling out this questionnaire to see if you are winning the war at the zero moment of truth.

Colonel Jessup would be proud!