Monthly Archives: December 2013

Risqué Writing for Businesses: Don’t Be Afraid to #@ing Say It

Hey, wild thing. I see you decided to join me down here below the rough language in my headline. Looking to slum it? Must be. You’re still reading. Obviously you’re not here to buy anything. Paying customers don’t like any sort of wild talk, right? That’s a bunch of bull-fill-in-the-blank. True, few businesses can get… Read more »


Chamber of Commerce Back Link Gold Mine Part 2

Last month I began describing how a Chamber of Commerce website can be a gold mine for back links by optimizing a few URLs to your site. Our main goal here is to work on your website’s Domain Authority. Domain Authority is based on three main factors:  Age, Popularity, and Size. So, now we are… Read more »


Facebook Hates Business Pages…Unless You Pay!

Last week, Facebook Business Page owners/marketers saw something that had most of them shaking their heads. Their post impressions dropped dramatically. What used to be the norm of 10%-12.5% of fans actually seeing your content dropped to about 5% or less. No one was quite sure why Organic Reach had suddenly dropped but we did… Read more »