Throwback Thursday: The Digital Marketing Triumvirate

digital marketing, SEO, PPC, Social MediaHey there! It’s Michael from the Midwest Digital Marketing team. You all know me as the SEO Director, but first and foremost I am a child of the 80s.

Lately I’ve been looking for analogies to explain to clients the integrated nature of digital marketing. It isn’t always easy to convince a client that they need all of our services in order to be true Masters of the Digital Universe. One Saturday afternoon, while lounging with my daughters watching Power Rangers, I got an idea for a good analogy that brought me back to the cartoons I watched as a kid growing up in the early 80s. So, I started telling certain clients to think of their Digital Marketing as VOLTRON.

You all remember Voltron, don’t you? That awesome Japanamation show from the mid-80s that featured a team of space explorers whose job was to defend the galaxy? We all know that this team had help in the form of robotic lions that could operate independently, or join together to form Voltron, Defender of the Universe! (If you didn’t know, now you do!) Independently, each robotic lion and its pilot had their strengths. However, in order to conquer the most heinous evil in the galaxy, the team always needed to join their powers. This is where the Integrated Digital Marketing approach comes in.

  • Think of SEO as the black lion, which comprises the body and head of your digital marketing strategy. Since 80% of search clicks come from organic search, you need a strong core and intelligent brain working to grow your organic presence.
  • Think of Social Media as the red and green lions, which are your arms. Social Media continues to grow every month and can be an additional resource to reach an untapped audience. In order to get your share of this audience, you need strong capable arms to pull them in.
  • Think of Paid Search as the blue and yellow lions, which are your legs. While 80% of search clicks are attributed to organic search, roughly 42-48% of conversions are attributed to Paid Search. If converting your website visitors to actual customers is a goal of yours, which it should be, then having a strong Paid Search campaign to stand on is integral to your success.

You can see that in order to focus on growing your conversions, you need to have an integrated approach to your digital marketing. SEO plays a large roll, but equally important are PAID SEARCH and SOCIAL MEDIA. Working together, a strong Digital Marketing strategy can help you conquer your competitors and bring peace and stability to your customers!