Holiday Facebook

holidayI hate clichés. When I worked in TV News, I always wanted to charge producers or anchors a quarter every time they tried using a cliché in a script I would proof read before it went to air.. The use of clichés would get worse during the holidays; “’Tis the Season!”, “Let it Snow!”, “It’s the most wonderful time for…” I always felt the customer (the TV Viewer) would be turned off by this blatant attack on their smarts.

I think I was right in terms of what people heard…but not when they actually saw it.

People tend to love the holidays and get excited when they see the decorations go up, the sales begin, and the parties start and the kids light up with joy. The holidays bring back memories, offer a reminder of good times from the past and end up making new memories when they are over in January.

So, the question to ask yourself this holiday season: are you offering joy to potential customers through your social media marketing?

Have you looked at how you are going to draw your fans into your store or online shop? Is your marketing plan set or are you still figuring it out? Here are a few ways you can use Facebook to spike your traffic this year…and they are simple!

Change Your Cover Photo

This is a simple change if you have a graphic artist. Make sure to use your brand and change the photo to a holiday theme…but don’t just change the photo. Make sure you have a link with the photo description that takes people to a landing page on your website for the holidays or an app on Facebook for a holiday contest or special holiday deals. And don’t just change your cover photo once. Plan on making a few and change them up! On a side note – change your profile picture as well…but be sure the picture still has your logo. Branding remains important!

Consider Holiday Deals

Since Facebook has changed its promotional guidelines and you can run quick timeline contests, it’s time to start. You can also build an app that will send people to your online shop or offer special weekly coupons. The most important aspect of the app is to get people to your website so they will purchase a product or let them fill out a form with their contact information for future marketing.

Run Facebook Ads

Despite what you may be hearing or your own perception of Facebook ads, they do work. People are likely to click on a sponsored story on their newsfeed…especially if a friend has liked or commented or they continue to see it whenever they log in. There is a reason these folks liked your page to begin with. Offer your fans something that will get them to come into the store or buy online. You can also target a Facebook ad to people who don’t know you but may be interested in you. Facebook ads offer plenty of ways to specifically target people you think could be customers. Don’t be afraid of spending a little money to make money!

You already know how important the holidays are for sales and you do spend other marketing dollars to get your message out. Don’t forget to grab the attention of a captive audience that is already spending enough time on Facebook!