The Giant Sea of Digital Marketing

When you decide to dip your toes into the giant sea of digital marketing, where do you start? Do you sign up for a monthly SEO plan with one of those cold-callers who tell you exactly what you need to do? Maybe you just have your phonebook company give you one of those websites. Perhaps you hire your coworker’s nephew to do your social media. It’s a big ocean, and everybody is trying to claim their territory without getting lost.

Recognizing that you need to control, or at the very least monitor, your digital presence is like putting on your swimsuit. But before you dive into SEO and social media marketing, you need a certified lifeguard to make sure you don’t drown. That’s where we come in. We know the right questions to ask to learn exactly what your business means to you and where you want it to go. We don’t just push you in and expect you to swim – we’ll teach you what you need to do to float on your own and help you understand why those techniques are best.

What is your brand image?

When people think of your business, what comes to mind? Do you pride yourself on great customer service? Do you have the best products for the lowest price?  What is the message that you want to convey to your audience? You want to communicate your core values through your marketing tactics to build a strong brand.

What are your needs?

If you’re a pool cleaning service in the Midwest, you aren’t going to need a lot of marketing in the winter months.  While you won’t be trying to sell your services in January, it’s a great time to build brand awareness. When spring comes around you want your company’s name to be the first that pops into potential customers’ heads.

What is your current marketing strategy?

It’s vital to stay consistent across all of your marketing platforms – If you are branding on the radio, make sure your social media tactics align with your message and your website has a landing page that provides relevant information. Integrated marketing combines all aspects of your marketing techniques to create perfect harmony.

At Mid-West Digital Marketing, we already know the temperature of the water and where the rocks are. We will work with you to find the best digital marketing approach and get you where you want to be… safely. We aren’t going to recommend a 52’ yacht when all you need is a small fishing boat.