Data, Data Everywhere And what do I do with it?

Untitled-1In the world of digital/online/internet marketing to say there is a plethora of data could be an understatement of mega proportions. One of the $64,000 questions is “Which data matters?”

To begin answering that question, let me start with some other questions . . .

  • Why do you want people to visit your website? It all begins with the website. What do you have that people want or need? If you can answer that question in 25 words or less, you are well on your way to understanding what data you need.
  • What do you want people to do once they find your website? You have them at your website, now what? Are they to fill out a form, buy something, download something, or give you a call? Again, if you are able to answer that question in 25 words or less, you are now several steps closer.
  • What tool are you going to use to track your data? Most tools available to online marketers have a tracking component built in, but in many cases that is not enough. You should have a third-party tool that is able to aggregate information across multiple sources. For most small to mid-size advertisers, Google Analytics is able to provide the data you need and it is FREE.
  • How much data do I need? In the world of data, more is better. Statistical significance may be obtained with relatively small data samples, but to understand long-term trends more data is going to provide better solutions. Data collection and analysis is a long-term commitment.


The Basic Data everyone must collect regardless of website intentionality or digital marketing platform are:

  1. Visitors – the number of visitors your website received for the period.
  2. Unique Visits – a non-duplicated count of visitors to your website.
  3. New Visitors – the number of first-time visitors to your website.
  4. Average Time of Site – the number of minutes the average visitor remained on your website.
  5. Average Number of Pages per Visit – the number of pages visitors looked at while on your website.
  6. Bounce Rate – the number of visitors who visited a page on your website and left your site without proceeding further into your site.

I am assuming you might be asking yourself, “Is that all there is?” The answer to that question would be . . . no. Stay tuned to the next installation for the next $64,000 question.