A Chamber of Commerce Membership is a Back Link Gold Mine

imagesMany businesses do not realize that the Chamber of Commerce they are a part of may offer multiple areas to display their URL and company information. Considering most chamber of commerce sites have a high domain authority, your site will absorb the recognition and ride the coat tails of the chamber of commerce’s domain authority as well.

Besides listing your site URL in their Business Directory, most Chamber of Commerce sites have other areas for events, community calendar, job postings and news/updates – all areas to list your URL and your site’s landing pages you are trying to drive traffic to.

Say you are a booking agency looking to increase you web presence. By joining your local area(s) Chamber of Commerce you are able to place your site’s URL all over the chamber site. For the directory listing, use your main URL, but when looking for traffic to other parts of your website, creating landing pages will boost traffic and rankings throughout your website. If you want your booking agency to be known for your events both online, offline and word of mouth, the best way is to have a main event landing page with a unique URL that includes links to each of your events.
Once the events landing page is created, place each and every single upcoming event your booking agency is having, using the main Events landing page URL on the chamber site’s event calendar. Make sure to place the Event landing page’s URL in the blurb as well as the URL field (if applicable). Then, create and place each of those events into the community calendar as well, which will double the placement of your events and maximize the appearance of your Events landing page URL.

To increase even more traffic to your website, create landing pages for other categories such as news/updates and job postings, encompassing log/newsfeed and job opportunities to post on the chamber site as well.

Tips on how to optimize your keywords in your content and titles for these landing pages in regards to Chamber websites will be in my next blog on Dec 13th!