The Journey

We are told it is about the journey and not the destination, but I think the milestones along the way are as important as the journey. For it is these milestones that help us measure the progress of our journey.

Last week was one of those important milestones for Midwest Digital Marketing and for me. We are now officially a Google Certified Partner.


It is a process that started almost 11 months ago at Midwest Digital Marketing. I joined the agency to build the Search Engine Marketing program and take it to the next level. The first step in the process was to once again renew my Google Certification for the third time, this time with two tests. That part of the process was completed in March and then came the waiting period with hoops to jump through, whistles to blow and brass rings to grab, but it was done.

Now the question you may be asking is “So what?”

ONE: The Google Certification Program identifies those individuals and agencies who have completed a rigorous course of study and understand how to use Google’s box of tools to build, implement and optimize online campaigns to the benefit of their clients.
TWO: Midwest Digital Marketing is one of a very small number of Wisconsin-based and owned agencies to have earned this recognition.
THIRD: Our current clients and our clients-to-be have additional assurance we not only talk-the-talk, but we do walk-the-walk.

Join us and together we can continue the journey.