Writing Where It Hurts

If I tried to make you look at pictures of my new office as you agonized over your aging mom’s safety, how would that fly? What if I responded to your concerns about denture care by telling you I’m good with children? Maybe I could show you a list of popular cabinetry brands when you come to me for help with a leaky roof. It all sounds a bit like offering you a Band-Aid for a sore throat, doesn’t it?

Overlooking the pain points of customers in your market is one of the worst things you can do when creating web copy. Those pain points are key to reducing your bounce rate and increasing your conversion rate. To keep people on your pages long enough to engage with you, find out where they hurt most. Then write to that.

cat-bandaidsEvery visitor to your website has a need, problem, or difficulty behind the search terms they’ve used to discover you online. It’s great that you managed to get found by strategically placing those fertile strings of keywords in your copy (holla, SEO!), but you also have to appreciate what’s going on psychologically for people who type those keywords in their searches. No, wait, you have to demonstrate that you appreciate it, through copy that goes to their pain.

If I do a web search using the phrase home air conditioning repair, you can easily deduce one pain point: I’m hot (literally and/or figuratively, come to think of it). Yet that’s not my only pain point, and I’d like you to meet me at the front door with the copywriting equivalent of a glass of cold water. Of course I need to know if you fix AC, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to hear about how long you’ve been in business or that you’re family owned and operated. On the contrary, fear of being swindled is a common pain point for homeowners seeking repairs, so I do want to know those things. Assuage my fear—how about some customer testimonials on the page, too?—and I’ll keep reading.

Don’t expect a copywriter to find all the pain points by this same process of deduction. Solid market research needs to be done using modern-day tools like software analytics and landing-page polls. Once the market research side has compiled a brief list of where things hurt for visitors to your website, a skilled copywriter can spin that straw into click-through and conversion gold.

Do you know the pain points people have when they visit your website? We can help you discover them, so that when visitors come to your pages, they hang around long enough to really do something. On the other hand, you could always show them cute cat videos to make them forget the pain.