Whoa…that was Close.

tommyboySo…you were rocking along doing what you always did…merrily skipping through the flowers on your way to business profitability when (queue the screeching tires) everything comes to a halt.  (By the way…not sure about you but the “Tommy Boy” scene where Chris Farley’s character was demonstrating the need for Callahan brake pads comes to mind; whoa…that was close).

What happened?

Where did the revenue go?

How come your bottom line isn’t as robust?

There are three killer management traits that when not corrected or eliminated, will kill your company.

Unwillingness to change

                When the marketplace has changed and your competition beats you to the evolution point of your industry because of your refusal to see the change coming, you will be left behind.  It’s not that you were doing things wrong.  Get over yourself.  It’s that everything else has changed to mirror the times, the market and the workforce.  Expect it and accept it.

Passive aggressive behavior

                If you are dealing with conflict resolution or employee performance standards through the back door, you are missing out on coaching opportunities and uncovery moments where you might just find out more useful information that can help you move the needle further and faster.  Don’t play mind games.  Nobody wins.

Insecurity and jealousy

                These usually go hand in hand.  If you are too insecure about your job, you will never want to hire someone who could be better than you.  If you are jealous because of someone else’s success in the company, you will always try to find ways to take the train off the track.

If you see these traits in your management team…do whatever you need to do to eliminate it.

Just remember…they used to call you successful.  Now they will just call you dead.