Hanging out with your social media fans

You may want to start taking notes when out with friends, it can lend itself to the way you use social media. I would “like” to “share” with my thoughts on social media strategy and how your business should act and engage with its followers, fans, +1’s, etc.

When talking with business owners, most have very high values and ethics and would like that image portrayed in their advertising efforts – the way employees dress, act and so on. This is all great stuff and is the reason I love to work with these wonderful people, but social media is a different animal when it comes to the way you put yourself out there to the customer.

When engaging thru social media the most misunderstood element happens to also be what makes social media most effective, and that is the way we talk to customers and what content we share with them. Customers that are on sites like Facebook and Twitter are reaching out to the business on a more personal level and in a conversational way.

Think of your social pages as you and your customers hanging out in a casual setting – would you approach each one and ask if they would like to hear about the new product you had coming into the store today? Or if they would like to hear the latest bathroom industry news? My guess is that you would talk about something they might be able to relate to.

The one advantage that you have over the casual setting with your current or potential customers is that on your social platforms they are, at some level, interested in your business and a fan of you! This allows our rule of thirds to apply. The rule of thirds is that when posting on platforms like Facebook and Twitter you want to post things about your business (1/3), your industry (1/3) and your community (1/3). Without going into great detail on examples of each post, visualize yourself amongst your social media community, in person, and what they would care to hear about if you were to walk up and engage them.

To revert back to the second paragraph, yes your values and professionalism can still come through in social media but you also need to be human and be able to engage and relate to your customer. Use the rule of thirds and remember to be human.