Advice from a 20-something

How to Connect with the Uber-Connected

Having been aggressively marketed to our entire lives, twenty-somethings are one of the hardest groups of people to sell to. We’re super-savvy about a lot of things, we’re well informed, and we’re immune to most traditional marketing techniques. We know that you’re trying to sell us something, and we’re pretty good at sniffing out phonies. However, just because we know what you’re up to doesn’t mean we’re against it. We want to be marketed to, and we expect it! We want emails about discounts, we expect that your daily specials will be posted to your website and social networking pages. We are constantly surfing the web on our smartphones and tablets – if you want to reach us you’ve got to meet us there.

Don’t Be a Dinosaur

Having a Facebook page isn’t enough. If you haven’t posted in months, you lose credibility and our interest. If your website takes too long to load, my ADHD mind is already on your competitor’s page. Not only that, but I’ll probably tweet about how slow your site is, so that my entire network will hear my complaint. My generation is so over-stimulated by all the information being thrown at us, only select tidbits will get through to us, and if you don’t capture our attention quickly enough, your efforts will be in vain.

 Target our Lifestyle

Once you’ve gotten on board with social media marketing, in order to reach us you need to target our lifestyle. Just like the professor that uses beer as an example in lecture becomes our friend, if you relate to us you will engage us. Use the rule of thirds when posting to Facebook – 1/3 about your business, 1/3 about community, and 1/3 about your industry. We’re not going to like your Facebook page if all you’re doing is selling. If you’re posting funny pictures and relevant information we will like your posts, and if you’re lucky we might even share it for our friends to see.

 Give us Free Stuff

Since college kids would rather spend their money on important things like beer and pizza instead of your products or services, we aren’t likely to try a new product that isn’t hyped up unless they get a sample, free trial, or discount.  Social media is a giant word-of-mouth platform, so if you sell one of us, the rest will follow. This can be a great way to get your business noticed; however, if the response is negative, it snowballs and can be detrimental to your image. If you’re not monitoring your digital presence, you can’t control or react to negative tweets or posts.

Our Parents Still Help Us Out

Most twenty-somethings are either still in college or paying off student loans, so money is tight. Many of us still call Mom or Dad for help or extra spending money. We could like your products or services, but our parents probably need to be convinced since they’re the ones paying the bill. One of our clients, Fresh Madison Market, a local grocery store in Madison, promotes gift baskets to parents.  The parents can purchase a bunch of goodies for their kids and have it sent to their door. Parents love the convenience of the system, and appreciate Fresh Madison Market for helping them out.

If you fail to connect with us, you risk missing out on the next generation of college-educated consumers. We may be poor college kids now, but we’ll soon be making some serious money. If you’re branding effectively, you’ll be at the top of our mind when we’re making purchases down the line. Here at Mid-West Digital Marketing we can help you come up with an effective marketing strategy to reach and engage with whatever your target audience may be so you aren’t missing out on any business opportunities.