Goals, Strategies & Plans – Oh My!

You need a new website.
You need help with your Facebook page, Google+ account, Twitter account and Pinterest account.
You need Search Engine Marketing, Google AdWords, and Google Analytics.
You need a blog.
You need help with email marketing.
You need a remarketing program.

Okay, the question is “WHY?”

Well, your site has not been updated since your nephew built it and that was 3 or 5 years ago, all right 7 years ago. No one has liked your Facebook page other than your mom, your spouse and your best friend from high school. Google+, Twitter, Pinterest – what are those? You cannot find any listings for your company in the search engine results page. Blog, email marketing, remarketing – who has time, let alone knows what to do with them?

All legit excuses/reasons but they do not answer the question “WHY?”

A well-designed website with clear call-to-actions and intuitive navigation is the cornerstone of an integrated digital marketing plan. With that as a starting point, you need to carefully answer these questions:

“What is the intention of your website?”
The choices are simple:

  1. Generate Leads for my products/services, OR
  2. Sell products (e-Commerce)

The next question is then:
“What do you want people to do as a result of visiting your website?”

  1. Complete a form, sign-up for my newsletter, OR
  2. Buy products

Now here is the hard question again:


The answer to this question becomes the foundation of the GOALS of your website and your marketing program. These goals will drive the strategy, and the marketing plan.

Let us help you answer the questions. Then we can help define the goals, create the strategy and implement the plan so that someone besides your mom, your spouse and your best friend will like your Facebook page.