Words to Put You on the Map

Confession: Traveling to a country where English isn’t spoken makes me a little uncomfortable. Learning languages was never my strong suit, and not knowing the words around me is tough on my little writer soul. Sure, signage helps some. Take an arrow coupled with a graphic of a subway car or the iconic McDonald’s “M,” and I’m not completely paralyzed. Yet I do feel disoriented, get lost, and more easily peter out—much like a search engine trying to index a web page scant on words.

Yeah, like me, search engines need words.

When a search engine tries to make sense of a web page merely blanketed with graphics—deal coupons, logos, and picture galleries, for example—it’s pretty much like me roaming a Slavic country fraught with Cyrillic signs. It is literally disoriented. The search engine is a map for web users. The verbiage built into your website is a map for the search engines. Put them together intelligently, and more (usually lots more) customers find you online.

Not just any words will do. Enter SEO. As my colleague recently described, SEO—getting carefully researched key words where they need to be on your site—is the foundation of your digital marketing strategy. Yet when people like my colleague go through the work of finding the just-right keywords for your site, the results are often phrases that sound like toddler-speak. To understand what I mean, think about the way you search the web yourself: You don’t type “Where’s a good place to get my oil changed in Madison?” You type, “Oil change Madison.”  Now try using oil change Madison in a sentence (without sounding like English isn’t your first language, smarty pants).

Oil Change Madison WI

Wait. That’s our job. I and other content creators at MDM are professional creative writers that weave those often awkward keyword phrases into copy without sounding like freaks and robots. We weave them such that they flow naturally, are in the right places, and make for a good read. Now, I’m not telling you to toss out your graphics yet. They’re important, too, but if you don’t build a word-based map to get found, they won’t get seen by nearly as many people—and neither will you. If you have a website fraught with graphics but scant on quality verbiage, you’re losing out on potential customers every day. We can help put you on the map!