Is SEO Enough?

Is SEO Enough?

Business owners are bombarded with many tactics for digital marketing but the oldest trick in the book still remains…SEO (Search Engine Optimization).  Given a bad rap over the past several years, SEO means different things to many business owners and SEO professionals alike.

I believe SEO is a component of the overall digital marketing umbrella that is required to help a business succeed online.  In today’s distracted, uber-choice consumer world, you need more than just SEO to promote your business online. That said, SEO is still your foundation and machine behind the scenes.

What SEO CAN accomplish for your business:

  1. Technical foundation to remove any barriers preventing search engines from visiting and indexing your site.  Keeping up with new algorithm changes or code technology keeps you in good standing.  Building a strong website architecture and navigation structure that is intuitive to search engines and consumers.
  2. Keyword research to focus on what your customer is searching for.   Implementing longer tail keywords to capture buying intent but focusing on the higher volume keywords from a strategic perspective to drive more traffic.
  3. Fresh and informative content on your website that is linked to from other websites or internally within your site to key product/service pages.
  4. Local directory/citation listings that include your NAP information (Name, Address, Phone number) and website address.  This allows search engines (and customers who use these alternate search engines) to view you as a viable business.  Encourage customers to post reviews on these micro search engines such as Google Plus, Yelp, Yahoo Local and Judy’s Book to enhance your online visibility.
  5. Mobile friendly.  Your website needs to be available on all devices.

It is my opinion that SEO by itself is not enough.  Businesses should focus on creating strong, customer focused content.  Continual research and a deeper understanding of what your customer is searching for and their preferred method/device will be critical.