Content, The Water Cooler and Digital Marketing

A lot of people have been blogging lately about CONTENT and its importance in the digital marketing age. Regardless of the venue, Social Media, Search Engine Optimization or Paid Search, the emphasis has been on not just content, but QUALITY CONTENT.

In the “old days” the water cooler was the place to get and discuss the latest news, rehash current events from down the street and across the globe or get the low-down on the best new restaurant in town.

Digital Marketing has changed everything. Going back to the early days of AOL (aka America Online), when they connected people from all over the world in chat rooms. Now it is about creating communities of followers on Facebook, Google +, Twitter, Pinterest and the list goes on. The importance of content also extends to your website and in turn affects your Search Engine Marketing.

Water Cooler SEOHere are some thoughts to keep the water cooler buzzing:

  1. Create a voice – A voice that represents your company and your brand, a voice that is recognized by your followers, your community and your potential members.
  2. Create consistent messages – Sharing the same theme across all platforms and your website is a good thing.
  3. Engage your community – Talk to them, ask them questions, respond to their comments, and do not be afraid to tackle the good, the bad and the ugly. Encourage your community to talk to each other as well. Have them share their stories with others.
  4. Make it relevant – Compelling content about what your community is interested in, what do they need and what are you able to do to help them obtain it.
  5. Toot your horn – Share your successes, do not wait for someone else to do it for you.

This takes time, effort and planning but the benefits are worth the time, effort and planning. Give us a shout and see what Midwest Digital Marketing is able to do for you.