#1 Isn’t Everything

With so many buzz words flying around the digital marketing world it may be hard to understand what is truly important for your business. Most people I come in conversation with think being #1 on Google or simply being found online is the goal. While that is a goal it isn’t the ultimate goal.

#1rankingThe question each business owner must ask themselves is what do you want your site or online world to do for you? Drive sales, garnish leads, inform and educate, fill out a form etc…whatever it may be, start there. Think about a brick and mortar building where on the sales floor the goal is to get them closer to the product they are looking for. The sales person’s job is to funnel them with questions or observations into the right product they are looking for. If the customer walks in and doesn’t know where to go and how to find what they are looking for then they will simply turn around and walk out…same thing with your online store front.

Let’s say your goal was to have the visitor fill out a form. Then the strategy needs to be funneling them closer and closer to that specific page on your website where the form can be completed. It needs to be clear as to what you want the visitor to do upon arrival at your website. Being number one in Google doesn’t get them to fill out the form.
Again, one part of a digital strategy is to get yourself higher in Google rankings and increase traffic to your website. What you do with the increase in traffic and how can you strategically move these visitors closer to the end goal should be the main focus. This is where it takes some thought on creating the conversion funnels that guide your customer through their online experience with your business.
If you are confused with buzz words being tossed around by digital marketing firms then focus in on the one that truly matters, conversion! Work on and carefully diagnose the traffic on your website to continually hone in on getting customers deeper into your funnel.