You Have 10 Seconds……Go!

Does your website pull me in right away? Does it show me why to do business with you?

Most websites I look at are missing the boat on the marketing machine their website could be! Long lists of what a business does, the history and the not so flattering photos of your employees isn’t what I am visiting your site for.

Instead of the paragraph form explanations beef up your content game and intrigue me to go further into your site.  Within 10 seconds of someone visiting your site they will decide whether they are clicking further or clicking back out of your site.


“Content is the meat in the marketing sandwich across all media platforms”

So pull me in with an interesting picture, one that may show what you do, relevant to your industry, or even the personality of the business owner (don’t be shy). Try to relate to your customers at a more human level.

Pictures are great but the content is ultimately the most important. Content is the meat in the marketing sandwich across all media platforms. Websites started out replacing the yellow book ad and has only recently been transforming into a marketing tool.

After you’ve got the consumers attention what do you want them to do from there? Think about your sales process and what is the next step after hello?

Calls to action are key in funneling them deeper into the site. Whether it is a free estimate form, sign up here, take the tour or anything else that would bring your future customer to the next step of your sales process is great. Your website can be the salesperson to a degree, tweaking and improving the salesperson comes from analyzing the data consistently and making the changes accordingly.

Add great content and develop a strategy to funnel people deeper into your site and the website will turn into a marketing machine!