Mono to Stereo/Analog to Digital…It’s Still Music to My Ears

Dick Clark | Midwest Digital Marketing  Recognize this guy?

He’s THE original radio DJ.  He spun records and introduced new music to generation after generation after generation. We listened with our friends, our first loves and our siblings.  He turned nobodys into somebodys and somebodys into icons. He gave us the Twist, the Hustle, the Locomotion and even the Macarena.

Dick Clark

How much has music changed since Mr. Clark was the master-mixer at the grand party?

Not a lot.

Sure…there are different styles, updated rhythmic patterns, more intense lyrics but when it comes down to it…music is music.  The main thing that has changed is the delivery mechanism.  Vinyl, reel to reel, FM and AM, CD’s, IPods, internet streaming, HD, etc.

Better reception?  Sure.  Improved sound quality?  Absolutely.  But…good music is good music…no matter how you get it.

The same holds true for marketing and advertising.  Whether you are David Olgivy, Don Draper, Jack Trout or Seth Godin; the core elements remain the same.  Build a brand message strategy that will reach a desired market and then exploit a current consumer need that will drive the consumer to make a purchasing decision.

Look…all of the new forms of digital marketing can be confusing.  That’s why we are here.  But if you stick to the basics…you can find your thrill on blueberry hill…you can see what a wonderful world it can be…you can see strawberry fields forever…and you will see money, money, money and might even become a billionaire.