Link Building Simplified.

Link building is not a quick and easy process, especially for a busy business owners like you.  With that being said, here are some quick tips to help understand what link building is and how to get started.

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Link building can have a big impact on your organic search rankings, especially your local rankings. One or two strategic links can be the difference between position #1 or #2 on Google results.

Link Building Simplfied | Midwest Digital Marketing

Sample of a what Link Building might look like for a URL

Google sees inbound links to your website as a vote of confidence. It means that another person, blog or website has found your article important and relevant enough to publish it on their own site. Thus, the more links (votes) you have into your website, the more reputable and valuable your content is deemed to be by search engines.

In the past link building was strictly a numbers game; this meant posting articles anywhere and everywhere. The more links, the higher you ranked. Today, the focus of link building has shifted to focus on the quality of the inbound links. You need to have links from sources that are reputable and have high domain authority.

There are generally 3 types of link building techniques: Manual Links, Citations, and Content Links.

Manual links: Do these by submitting your URL to various free or paid directories. These directories include various social media sites, directories and local listings such as Google maps and Google +. These should account for about 1/3 of your total links.

Citations: These are best for local SEO because these directories list your company phone, address and website. There are thousands and thousands of different citations sites out there. We can help you find the most relevant ones to your industry.

Content Links:  This is the most time consuming and difficult type of link building. These are links from other websites, blogs and companies within their website content. It can be your articles that are published on another site, mentions of company name, etc. Creating content links takes research, planning and content development in order to produce good quality backlinks to your website. These should account for roughly ½ of all your links into your website.

In summary, link building can have a dramatic effect on your search engine rankings, especially in the local organic search. Link building is time consuming and time is often in short supply for businesses. That’s where we come in.

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