Adver What????

We marketing professionals are something aren’t we? I’m continually amazed at how we continue to combine, nouns, adjectives and verbs to create new acronyms, buzzwords and trend descriptions. Some of these are very interesting and some, I don’t get at all. Sometimes I feel sorry for individuals, who are trying to learn the English language…especially if they want to work in Marketing.

Recently I read Brian Hernandez’s blog about ADVERTAINMENT, (Where advertising and entertainment collide”  It’s a great article and one that spells out the challenge for most marketers, both traditional and digital….creating advertising that is a welcome part of the consumer’s content.

Let’s face it, no matter what the message, marketers  are constantly challenged with grabbing the attention of time crunched consumers that don’t want to be advertised to, they want to be told something interesting, be captivated by an event, told something funny.

spacejumpSo how do you create something that the consumer really wants to watch or read?  Well, remember Red Bull’s Strato Space jump, the Mike & Ike break up trailer, Ford’s Focus Bob series on YouTube? If not, go check them out… It’s a subtle integration of products within entertainment.

In our business, Social Media plays a large role in how these campaigns are viewed and engaged with. Platforms are changing to allow a freedom of creative expression and brand engagement. This trend will only grow as consumer’s attention spans shrink. So how are you at Advertainment?  Are you interesting, captivating, funny and is your audience engaged? If not we’re happy to help.