Getting a Sale From A Simple ‘Contact Us’ Page

When it comes to a business website,  most companies will put a lot of energy and efforts into their products/services pages and often overlook the ‘Contact Us’  page. This page, however, can be a powerful resource to companies, especially when it comes to generating leads. Customers want to be able to contact you very quickly and easily so that they can make informed decisions without having to search out and find your information.

contact usOften the ‘Contact Us’ page on the website is hard to find or hidden in footers and sidebars. There are some great tips to make your ‘Contact Us’ page more visible to your website visitors. When a customer has a question about your proudcts/services, you need to be there to answer it. If you’re not, someone else will (most likely your competition).

Below is a recap from an article on with some strategies about how to make your ‘Contact Us’ page a more powerful tool in generating leads and making sales.

Site-Wide Contact Links

Placing your phone number in your header is great. Having a “Contact Us” link in your primary navigation is smart. But these two contact options only cover a small percentage of what makes visitors feel secure doing business with you. More is needed if you want to increase your sales and lead generation capabilities.

A quick search for “contact” related keywords (minus those intended for “contact lenses” shows that there are quite a number of searches being performed each month:

A quick search for “contact” related keywords (minus those intended for “contact lenses” shows that there are quite a number of searches being performed each month:

Multiple Contact Options

On your contact page, a phone number is not enough. An email address link isn’t enough. A Web form is not enough. An online chat option is not enough. By themselves, none of these options are significant, but all are a part of a successful Contact Us page.

Various Contact Points

Not every visitor will need to contact you for the same purpose. Some might have questions about your products or services, others might be looking for information on shipping or guarantees, while others may want to talk to the billing or return departments. You’ll also have those who are looking for job information, want to give you verbal pat on the back (it can happen) or need to talk with someone in a specific department. One-size-fits-all contact options are not the best option for your visitors.

Map & Driving Directions

If you are a local business with local customers, or even a national business that has a destination-type location (i.e., ski supplies in Colorado, potatoes in Idaho, steaks in Omaha, etc.), it’s a good idea to display a map with the option to provide driving directions to your store.

Hours Of Operation

If you have specific hours each day for doing business or answering phones, returning emails, etc., it’s a good idea to display your hours of operation on the Contact Us page.

Online Contact Form

Online contact forms are a great way to allow visitors to reach you without mass interruption. This allows you to respond on your time and to handle multiple responses all in the same block of time. Be sure to respond to all contact requests within 24 hours at the most, though the sooner you do, the better off you’ll be. Who knows, maybe they are posing the same question on multiple sites and the first response gets the sale!

Live Online Chat

Adding a live chat option can be great for keeping customers on your site and getting their question answered before they run off to another site as they wait for your answer. Not everyone wants to chat live, but those that do appreciate the ability to reach a representative without a long delay or a phone menu tree from hell.

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