Freshness Counts

You have a website, a Facebook page, a Google+ page, a blog and even a Twitter account. You hired a SEO consultant and are doing Paid Search in Google, Bing and Yahoo. Congratulations!

fresh website content How many visitors are getting past the homepage of your website?

How many interactions have you had on Facebook in the last 4 weeks?

How many people are following your blog? your Twitter feed?

How many keywords are ranking on the first page of the natural search results?

How many visitors are clicking on your ads in Google AdWords to your website?

If the answers are one of the following . . .

  • “Not enough”
  • “Well, it used to be good, but lately . . . not so good”
  • “I don’t know”

. . . you may need some help.

Imagine this! You are in your favorite sushi restaurant and ordering hamachi, maguro, ebi and unagi for you and your friends to enjoy. Probably the most important factor to you is that the fish is FRESH, that it arrived at your favorite sushi hangout TODAY.

The same goes for your online presence. The content should be FRESH, engaging and relate to what your visitors are looking for TODAY.

Answer the following questions about your online marketing and be brutally honest with yourself:

  • When was the last time the content on your website was updated? (if longer than 6 months, not good)
  • When was the last time the design, layout and structure of your website was spruced up? (if longer than 1 year, time to take a good hard look at the website)
  • Have you reviewed your page titles lately? (they may not be being properly indexed by the search engines)
  • Are you posting on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter at least once a day? (this is IMPORTANT)
  • When was the last time your posted to your blog? (30 days ago or longer, not a good sign)
  • When was the last time you updated the ad copy for your paid search accounts in Google, Bing and Yahoo? (if longer than 3 months, time to review)

Back to sushi, where are you going to go to for really great, top-quality, FRESH sushi? It is everywhere these days, from the local convenience store/gas station, to the big box grocery store, and of course the sushi bar/restaurant. Any questions?

Now, where are you going to go for a really great, top-quality, FRESH digital marketing firm? They too are everywhere, from your neighbor’s uncle’s son who has a Facebook page, to the guy down the street who does websites on the side with code from five years ago, and of course the integrated digital marketing firm who can manage your website, your social media marketing and your search engine marketing and then support it with web analytics. Any questions? Give us a call – 608.441.3638.