Once Upon a Time…

…there was a King who lived in a far far away land. One day, he got terribly bored doing kingly things because there were no wars, droughts, famines, or dragons to slay so he decided he wanted to open up a business.  He was a self-proclaimed foodie who loved the way sauces, spices and seasonings can have different tastes when married together in different proportions so he opened up Kingly Palette Punctuations…Where Good Taste Comes Easy. 

Kingly-PaletteHe needed help marketing it though so he advertised in the town weekly for advertising firms to help him become the king of the foodies!

The first firm to apply was a media buying firm.  They were focused on selling to the right demographic and finding the right media for that demographic.   They say “We need the right people.”

The second firm to apply was a public relations firm.  They were focused on sending press releases out to the mainstream news outlets.  They say “We need the right people.”

The third firm wasn’t a firm at all but the town minstrel.  The king said “What qualifications do you have to handle my advertising.  You are nothing but a mere story teller.”  The minstrel replied “With all due respect my king…I am the most qualified to help you market your products because you have a story to tell and I can spin stories with the best of them.  I am what one would call a Content Marketer.  You’ve seen how I can create a crowd out of nothing when I spin my tales.  I can do the same for you my king.”  The king nodded in agreement.  The minstrel continued “the other firms want the right people.  All potential customers are the right people sir.  I want to find the right words.  The other firms want to sell your product.  I will tell your unique story.  Your potential customers don’t want to buy your product my king…they want to buy what your brand does for them.”

The king decided to take a chance with the young minstrel and his storytelling ways.   Kingly Palette Punctuations became so successful that the king decided to retire his kingship and franchise his stores. He was last seen at a bar called Calico Jack’s in the Cayman Islands enjoying his retirement.

What became of the minstrel you ask?  Who do you think took over as king??

Everyone lived happily ever after.

The End.