Monthly Archives: February 2013

How to Use Facebook’s Graph Search

In January, Facebook started a limited release of it’s new search engine, the Graph Search. Even though Graph Search is still in beta and working out the kinks, it’s a major improvement on the existing search engine within Facebook, and I believe it will be setting the standard for social search in the future. So… Read more »


10 Need-to-knows for Your Website Design Process

Over the years, I’ve noticed that sometimes clients don’t know what it is they can provide help the website design process run more smoothly.  If you’re looking to (re)design your website, here’s a list of ten things you can provide to help facilitate the process of website design: Logo: This is a key item to… Read more »


When to be Social

I spend a lot of time on Facebook and Hootsuite; basically, I am logged on for my entire work day and when I get home, check out Facebook and Twitter for myself and our clients for about 2 hours before bed. Because I am watching the social streams constantly move, I tend to notice trends… Read more »