Why Blogs are Good for SEO

Blogging and SEO intersect on two factors that search engines deem highly important:  content and freshness.    Put simply, if you update your blog regularly with unique content, you are essentially doing SEO.

Here a few more tips to SEO your blog better:

  1. Perform keyword research so you know what people are interested in or searching for within your topic area.  Develop your content around these words but do not overuse them in the content.  Find similar words and descriptive phrases as well.
  2. Focus on unique content only.  Content with a voice or personality instead of content that reads as if it were copied and pasted from some other source.  The point is to engage your readers, not spew out keywords or content just to increase your search engine rankings.
  3. Link within your blog to other posts.  Google appreciates a site that links within to relevant content created previously.  Also link out to other relevant content off your site.
  4. Avoid large images in your posts.  Posting images is a great idea but make sure you size these down so they don’t reduce page load time.  Google likes fast pages.

Don’t have time to research and write good content?   The majority of business owners do not.  Blogging can help your business build authority online and we can help you create that voice and improve your SEO at the same time.