Watching out for Negative Feedback

Facebook Business Page Managers are always worried about losing fans. They wake up one morning and see three less “Likes and wonder, “Did I post too much?” or “Was one of yesterday’s posts offensive? Why didn’t they comment?”

In reality, Facebook is like the school playground growing up. You have your popular kids, your smart kids, your nerds and your introverts. This is why bullying has become such a bigger deal now on the internet. But when it comes to business pages, managers need to avoid the playground action and just try to engage the “kids” hanging around looking for things to do. If you push the “kids” too much to try to get them to do things they don’t want to do…well, we know what happens – you are eventually ignored.

Edgerank Checker recently noticed a big change with the Edgerank algorithm. Facebook is looking at negative feedback (xbutton, hide, hide all, spam, and unlike) and using it to adjust your Edgerank – meaning, Facebook hides posts or pages that tend to get too much negative Feedback. Or, in terms of our playground metaphor, the “kids” start ignoring you, you get taken off the playground where they won’t even see you anymore.

For managers, it will become even more important to analyze the negative feedback their pages receive in order to stay on the playground and get the “kids” to buy into their brand.