8 Great Resources for Learning SEO

While I’ve had a base understanding about what goes in to search engine optimization for a while now, it’s been under a year since I really started learning what makes search engines tick. I’m still have a long way to go before I can call myself an SEO guru, but I know this for sure: whether you’re a small business owner with a website or an aspiring digital marketer, you can benefit from learning what goes into SEO.

The problem, though, is that search engine optimization isn’t exactly the easiest topic to pick up on your own. There are a lot of different people speculating on what Google’s algorithms favor, and it can get overwhelming fast. I was in this spot not all that long ago, but fortunately I found some great resources (many of them free!) to show me the way, and I’d like share them with you.


If you don’t know anything about what search engine optimization is, then these are the place to start. They are all easy to digest, while still being thorough enough to really dig into the concepts, and layout best practices with tangible examples.


After getting down the basics, there are endless blogs with great information to be found. Three blogs I’ve started following religiously since beginning to learn SEO are Search Engine Journal, Search Engine Watch, and SEOmoz. Each of these blogs posts multiple times a day on SEO tips, search engine & social media marketing, as well as industry updates. With these three blogs alone, you aren’t likely to run out of learning material any time soon.


In addition to all of the great material on SEO found across the net, there have been a couple of books that have offered just as much insight and even more. SEO Secrets by Danny Dover does a great job of laying out fundamentals, but also goes into how to consult on SEO for other companies, how to do research, and even how to optimize for search engines besides Google. And the most recent addition to my tool kit has been Optimize by Lee Odden. Optimize describes the changing nature of SEO, and its convergence with social media and content marketing, and discusses how digital marketing strategies need to adapt to meet the change.

There you have them, the resources that helped me learn SEO. This is by no means an exhaustive list; far from it really. If you have resources you’d like to add, let me know!