Is Your Blog Lonely?

So, you have a blog on your awesome new website and you have written a few blogs in the past few months, but no one seems to be reading.

It must be because your writing is horrible! Mrs. “Crusty English Teacher in High School” was right! DAMN HER!!!!

No…that’s not the reason and you know it. We know it too. In this new world called the “blogosphere”, there is no “bad” way to blog. The fact that you are writing about your products or things you love is a great start, but just writing a blog and linking it to your social platforms is not enough to draw attention.

Have you gone and liked or commented on other blogs? Have you spent the time searching out other bloggers who are interested in the same things you are or are in the same industry and reached out to them by sharing their blogs or commenting on their ideas? If you do, they just might look at your blog and do the same for you.

Remember…this is called SOCIAL media. You’re blog just can’t be a rock…or an island. Sure, you won’t feel pain, and the blog might not die…but remaining lonely won’t help get your business ideas out to others. And with no traffic, your website and your business will not be found.