A Look at the New Instagram Web Profiles

Adidas' Instagram Web Profile

Over the last week, Instagram has been launching public web profiles for it’s 100+ million users. This marks the first real effort by Instagram to move beyond a mobile only platform, something many of its users have been asking them to do for quite some time.

At first glace, the new profiles have a very Facebook-like feel. The top of the profile may remind you of Timeline’s spacious cover photo section. But wait a moment, and you’ll notice a big difference. Instagram’s display section is dynamic; shifting through the most recent and featured photos.

Like Facebook, this large display offers a lot of real estate for brands to highlight content and generate engagement, like Adidas does with the “#murraysyear” picture.

A closer look at the comments on Instagram's new web profiles

A closer look at the comments on Instagram’s new web profiles

Web surfers can browse through an Instagramer’s profile to check out their entire photo stream. Clicking on any photo brings up comments, as well as the number of times the pic has been favorited. Desktop users can post comments, but have to sign in to their Instagram account first.

Even with the new profiles, Instagram is still very much a mobile-first platform. As of now, users can only upload pictures from the mobile app, but it most likely won’t be long until that changes.

And lastly, while many are quite happy about Instagram’s web profiles, there are some concerns about user privacy. By default, anyone on the web can view a user’s profile, whether the viewer has an Instagram account or not. This automatic opt-in can be reversed by setting your account or certain photos to private, but the settings change can only be done on the mobile app.

Well, there you have it: a quick look at Instagram’s new web profiles!