If You Build it They Will Come?

Build it and they will come? Well, kind of.

Remember the movie “Field of Dreams”?  All Ray Kinsella had to do to save his farm was plow his corn field, build a baseball diamond and people came from miles around just to see it. This mentality may fly in baseball, but the web world is a whole different ball game.

Over the years, we have met several business owners who still share the “if I build it, they will come” philosophy for promoting their business or business website.  Basically saying they don’t need to advertise or utilize SEO and social media because all they have to do is put up a sign or a site and customers will flock.

The website is your virtual baseball diamond but SEO is your virtual game. Anyone can build a baseball diamond, but it takes players, talent and fans for a game. A dedicated team, expertise, SEO and customers make your lone baseball diamond of a website a functional game for profit.

If you build it…test it…nurture it…promote it…be real with it…then and only then…will they come.