Finding the right image background image for your website.

Whether it be a texture, image of a person, place or thing, or a solid color,­ background images can set the tone or mood of your website.   The background is a supporting actor to the content of the website.  Take for example the Pier 1 website below.  The background of colorful shapes gives a sense of excitement, celebration, and warmth.  Even though it has a very busy and bright texture, it still works well with the simple inner design on this home page.

In other cases, keeping the background a simple solid color helps keep the focus on important content. The Robert Townsend site below has many inner elements and pieces of content, so to keep the focus on those elements a solid, light gray background is used. The background also separates the navigation from the image area, and frames in the elements of focus on this particular site.

The Dom Pérignon site below has a very dark and dramatic background.  It also keeps the texture minimal due to the attention it gives to the main content.  When multiple images are shown, it’s best to display them on a simple background.  The choice of a dark background instead of a light background keeps the drama high.  Black is formal, elusive, and intriguing.

Lastly, Midwest Digital’s very own design.  It’s the inspiration to this blog.  I recently designed two options for The Montage and the background to this design, I feel, plays the supporting actor roll to the content of the website.  It delivers warmth, design appeal, and excitement with not being to overzealous.  This is a great option for the client and I look forward to hearing their feedback.