Obstacles to Starting a Blog

Still making excuses on why not to blog? Make them all day but your business is missing out on this great opportunity. Check out the advantage of blogging here.

Now – to get past why you haven’t started blogging already. Here are some tips on getting past the most frequently heard obstacles of starting a blog.

1)      “I don’t have the time to write posts.”

We all could use another hour in our day. But it’s all about prioritizing. How many things do you do each day that can generate revenue? Start prioritizing the things that can make you money. Blogging is one of those things. For all the reasons why, check out “Why Start a Blog”.

Plus, posts should not be long. I want to start and finish reading within a couple minutes. It’s not an article or a novel. It’s a few paragraphs of valuable information.

2)      “I’m not a good writer.”

Are you a good conversationalist? Can you talk to your customers? Blog posts are meant to be conversational, not some precocious sounding babble to make you sound smart. People are busy. They want to read something they can breeze through and internalize quickly. If they have to look up any words you use, you’re out of luck. They might bounce off to a dictionary but then get distracted by some cool ad they find and never come back.

Double bonus: if you don’t have time and you’re not a good writer, pull up the audio recorder on your phone or pick one up at your local electronic store. While in the car on the way to a appointment or on the drive to work, talk to it like you would a person. Then have an employee, intern or your kid type it up for you. Then, you just have to post it.

3)      “I don’t know what to write about.”

What kinds of questions are your customers asking? Frequently asked questions are great fuel for your blog posts. You’re on the ground with your business and customers every day. Start noting what concepts you explain on a regular basis.

What’s in the news about your industry? Write about it and give your insight on how this affects you locally.

Research what kinds of answers people are searching for. Use a tool like Google Adwords to find out what words people are searching in your industry. A lot of search queries start with “how to”. See what they’re searching for and give them an answer.

Need more information on topics above or how to start? Give us a call and we can help you personalize a blog strategy that will work for you.